DUTIES: Obtain a clear understanding of current business marketing objectives related to the firm’s specialization in shared student housing. Develop methods of performing qualitative research such as preparing focus groups and interview questions and perform such research on clients including but not limited to Colleges/Universities, Property Developers and Architects. Develop methods of quantitative research such as surveys and polls and perform such research on clients. Analyze collected data using computer software such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS and SAS. Prepare reports of finding, illustrating data graphically and translating research findings into presentations. Conduct research on clients’ opinions about services offered by the firm. Perform valid and reliable market research SWOT analysis. Gather critical data on competitors’ marketing methods and highlight competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Make recommendations in relation to the company’s current marketing methods including but not limited to website content, print marketing and social media campaigns. Knowledge of Microsoft Excel, SPSS and SAS. The salary range is between $60,000 to 73,000 per annum.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Marketing, Business Administration or related field and two years as Market Research Analyst, Marketing Associate, or related fields
SALARY: $60,000 to 73,000 per annum.
HOURS: Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
CONTACT: Tallal Bhutta, President, Tel: 718-928-9910