The Brooklyn Watchtower Project

Columbia heights Brooklyn offered breath taking views of the New York harbor but limited amount of time to enjoy those views because of a proactive schedule.  BDB was responsible for renovation of more than 150 apartments or 60,000 square feet of residential space in about a year.  The project involved two buildings (97 Columbia Heights and 117 Columbia Heights) in the Brooklyn Watchtower Complex which were formerly being used as residences for Jehovah’s Witnesses.  97 Columbia Heights is an 11-story building and 117 Columbia Heights is a 6-story building.  Both buildings were converted into student housing.   Due to the time-sensitive nature of the project, the bulk of the work in the residential units was completed in less than 8 months whereas the remaining 4 months were dedicated to punch lists and common areas such as class rooms, conference rooms, laundry rooms, lobbies and communal kitchens.